Friday, September 25, 2009

Welcome to my post.....

This is my first time at blogging so I do hope that I do not get carried away with my thoughts and ideas. I love to write what I am thinking and like to ask questions. I also love to get questions and discuss all ideas and other people thoughts. I believe that is how we share ideas and can learn from each other. Each person should be open to all thoughts and ideas of others because who knows, they may be good. So lets see what each person has to say.

I am going to share my thoughts and my daily walk with God though this blog. I will be asking for help along the way. At this present time, I am doing two bible studies. The first is a three month study on the book of Ruth and Esther. The second bible study is through Bible Study Fellowship (my third year at BSF) and we are studying the book of John. WHAT A STUDY!!!! It is for nine months and this is my second week. Such a love story that you want to just cry after each chapter. Have any of you out there studied the book of John? Any great tips and hints or discussions?

Lets chat!!

God Bless you all!!


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