Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#3 Embody Values, Communication Benefit: Credibility

Today we will continue with the five (5) communication skills John Maxwell, effective leadership expert wrote in Enjoying Everyday Life (September/October 2009). Mr. Maxwell states that leaders are to model strong values to those around them. He also states that a leader should "insist on values and fight for what you believe, they will find you credible." What does that sound like to each of you who are believers?

What is a "strong value" to a believer? What is a "value" to a believer? Would you fight for what you "value"; for what you believe in? Are they the same thing?

In a work environment, a mentor shows the apprentice the information about a project. The timeline of follow-ups and deadlines are given. Now it is up to the apprentice to complete the project. To gather his supplies, put his team together, set his own timeline to match the mentors timeline and do the work. He has a timeline and trust from his boss. There is mutual credibility because of past services they have done together and mutual respect for each other. The apprentice knows that if he needs any help or questions answered, all he has to do is ask the mentor at any time and he will help. Otherwise, he will not interfere. Isn't that what Jesus does? All we have to do is ask for help?

To "value" each individual is to believe that there is good inside of them. We may not see that but God does. Also, we have to remember that we are the children of God and born of His image, an image of which He loved each of us, sinners and saviours alike. Therefore, we are to see each person through the eyes of Jesus - children of God, and bring them back to the flock. We are to show our values of God - righteousness, grace, truth, forgiveness, love, and all that is given to us by Jesus. We share the Word with the non-believers for as children in the womb they were once believers.

What scriptures do you use to keep your values shining to others? I would love to hear your story and/or testimony about how the Lord has been with you and how you have helped others and/or how the Lord has helped you personally and professionally.

Have a Blessed Day and God Bless You All!!!
Tenha um dia abencoado - Deus te Abencoe (Portuguese)

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  1. first I need to say: I loved your last line!
    God bless you also - Deus te abençoe também.
    And today I read Nehemiah 4 and, I saw in him, what you said. When someone understand that have a big value inside, he can do the best and bring the best from all people!
    thank to share it,
    I love you Dar,
    be blessed