Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Why Am I Not Jewish?

I am a Christian who is practicing everyday to be more "Christlike": To do daily readings of the Bible; To do daily prayer; To treat your body as a temple by eating the right food and exercising daily; To be a servant of God; and many other things that could go on for days. To do all of this takes hard work. It takes discipline. To be a Christian is the greatest gift a person could have. To know that I have eternal life!!!

The people I know of the Jewish faith appear to have it easier then I do when it comes to being more "Christlike". It is part of their daily family life to read their "Bible", do their daily prayers, go to church, eat the right foods, discipline themselves as their "Bible" instructs. This has been their tradition for thousands of years. They do not have to be "Christlike" because they are "like Christ" because they are Jews. So why am I not of the Jewish faith instead a Christian?

What would my benefits be to myself if I was of the Jewish religion? Would I be more "like Christ"? Would all of what the Bible instructs us to do to be more "Christlike" come easier? Would my ethnic background cause me to not be more "like Christ"? Or by changing religions be just another way of taking the "easy" way of not wanting to change my life?

What are the hazards to become Jewish? The world events can explain one hazard. It never changes from the biblical times to present day, the Jewish people are persecuted for believing in God. But so are the Christians. Were are being told to prepare for the coming of our Lord at any time and that many believe that the anti-christ is already in our midst. Those that are persecuting the followers of God are the followers of the anti-christ. Whether he is walking this earth or not only God knows.

As an "emotional" reader, I feel what is happening every time I read a chapter in the Bible. I can feel the happiness David felt as he gathered all his treasures to give to Solomon so he may build the Temple for the Ark for the Lord. Then David crowned Solomon King of Israel.

To "feel" the words of the Bible as you read can change your perspective about yourself. I read both the Life Application Study Bible (NLT) and the King James Version. I also have The Message. I look at my Bible's this way: when I want to hear God speak and feel like a little girl sitting on the floor at His feet, I read the King James Version. When I am sitting in a meadow listening to Jesus talk and explain everything in the Bible, I read the Life Application Study Bible. When I am walking at the beach with God and Jesus and having casual talks and cry and lots of questions, I read The Message. But why do Christians have so many different Bible's to read when the Jewish religion only has one "Bible"?

Many Christian's have published many different bibles: Women of Faith, Joyce Meyers, Oral Roberts, and others. The Catholic religion has also published different versions of their bible. They have even claimed to have written the bible and chose to leave out certain books of the bible. If you have compared the Christian bible to the Catholic bible you will notice they do not contain the same books. But then that is another blog about another different religion.

The Jewish faith have only one bible, The Holy Qur'an, or better known as The Koran. I looked up the on-line version of The Koran and began to read it and made some remarkable discoveries. I need to read more!!! The Koran is an interesting book to read but what I discovered was more fascinating than what I could have imagined -- I am proud to be a Christian!!!

It was very hard not to become judgmental when I began to read The Koran that I had to stop reading. I am going to have to pray and go back and read it. Allah was the word that stopped me from going further. Society and the media has turned my world against anything "Allah". The respect is not there and that is wrong for a Christian. That is not Christlike and God forgive me for being judgmental against the Jewish people and their religion. That is not what I wanted to do with this posting.

I respect all religion because it belongs to each human being. God gave us that right when He wrote our lives before He put us in our mothers womb.

As a Christian, I am proud to be Christlike each and every moment of the day. I ask forgiveness, Dear Lord, for the times that I am not. I praise and thank you Lord for being my Father. Give me strength for each task to be done. Give me wisdom for the knowledge to do each task. Give me health to do the tasks to serve others. Give me the breath of the Holy Spirit to serve you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Readers,

    This posting has misquotes in it that I made about the Jewish bible. I quoted it as The Koran when it should have been The Torah. I apologize to all my readers and have posted such an apology. This topic means much to me because of the daily battle happening to the Jewish population as well as my inner battle to be Christlike. But that is no excuse for distractions to happen. Satan sneaks in easily when you least expect it and I wrote from my heart instead of my soul the words were misquoted. Again, I ask forgiveness from my Lord God and from my Jewish readers as well as all others. God Bless each of you.